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There is a significant distinctness almost in every respect (production, income, social infrastructure,
unemployment, poverty etc.) between the east/southeast and the other regions of Turkey. According to several human development indexes the cities of the east and southeast take place at the end. The State Institute of Statics data states that average per capita income in the region comes up to one third of Turkey average. The reason of this inconvenience is the war environment in the region which lasts for 30 years. According to The Human Rights Institution and The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey reports more than 4000 villages are evacuated and millions of people have been displaced without compensation and replacement. The population of Diyarbakir increased from 270 thousand to over 1 million in 20 years. According to the field research of Sarmasik Institution, more than 5000 families live below the poverty line in the center of
Diyarbakir. *Mazxana(Kurdish)
The Education Ministry made a new regulation repealing obligations o


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