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Nearly all of the asphaltite mining businesses in Turkey are deployed around Sirnak city. It is estimated that total reservoir of asphaltite coal under the soil of Cizre, Beytussebap and Sirnak city centre which is the smallest one in Turkey in terms of population and area  is 34 million tones.Asphaltite fields contributing to economy of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolian Region which are the poorest areas in Turkey overlay 2/3rd of the city area.Asphaltite business in Turkey was taken over by TKI - General Directorate of Turkish Coal – in accordance with the law no. 2127 in 1979. In 2002 TKI’s services in Sirnak city area were cut by the general politics of the government. Then TKI decided that 63 asphaltite areas would be run by private sector with royalty. Many of the workers in mining consists of the ones who were subjected to remove to Sirnak. Around Sirnak  there are nearly 150 coalpits.

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