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Iraqi Kurdistan Independence Referendum, 2017

The Federal Kurdistan Region located in the north of Iraq was founded on the agreement concluded between Saddam Hussein and Mustafa Barzani on 11 March 1970. But during the Iran￾Iraq war, the region took part in the Iranian ranks by getting out of central government control and Saddam Hussein abandoned the agreement before the war.
With the overthrow of Saddam II. The 2005 Constitution following the Gulf War defined the Kurdistan Regional Government in the northern part of Iraq. In accordance with this definition, the administration's own Parliament, the police force, the army (Peshmerge) and customs administration were established. The Kurdistan Regional Government initiated the process of nationalization with the decision of an
independence referendum on September 25, 2017, with the removal of the key ISID from the region, which is a key issue in the whole Middle East. With the "independence referendum" to be held on 25 September, the Federal Kurdistan Region, with its potential to lead radical changes in the region, it is at the stage of a historic decision.


Iraqi Kurdistan Independence Referendum, 2017_Husamettin Bahce2537.jpg
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