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Though the number of people belonging to Ezidi belief is not certainly known, it is estimated that they are approximately 1 million persons. They are mostly populated in Northern Iraq at Dohuk and Shengal.
The most wrong knowledge about this religion is that Êzîdîs worship of evil spirit. In fact, Êzîdîs do not worship of evil spirit, but only God. The total Êzîdî population is probably over two percent of the Kurdish population. Êzîdîsm is based in the Kurdish-speaking areas of the Middle East and Caucasus as well as in Europe. The mojority of them still live in Iraq; the biggest Êzîdî communitywas living in Shengal. Being Kurds and non-Muslims, Êzîdîs have suffered greatly from both ethnic and religious persecuation throughout history.
On August 3, 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) attacked Shengal (Sinjar) and the surrounding area.
According to some accounts from August 2014 onwards, around 6.000 Êzîdî women and girls(some as young as eight) were kidnapped by ISIS as ‘spoils of war’ and have been kept and sold as slaves by ‘Islamic State’. Around 4.500 Êzîdî women and girls still remain captivity. Êzîdî boys and men aged 14 and over were mostly executed. Practically all Êzîdîs from the region occupied by the ISIS,
in total 350.000 Êzîdîs, fled the area and became refugees.


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