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Born in 1974 in Diyarbakır. He started taking photographs in 1998 and joined NarPhotos in 2005 after participating in a documentary photography workshop run by the same collective. He stayed a member of the collective until it was disbanded in 2021. He conducts social documentary projects in the areas of migration, human rights violations, environmental awareness, identity, and minorities. Among his long-term projects are ‘Koçer’ (2003), ‘Êzîdî’ (2006), ‘Turabdin Assyrians’ (2008), ‘Mothers of Peace’ (2010), ’Êzîdxan’ (2016) and ‘The Story of Two Rivers’ (2015-18). His works were exhibited at Diyarbakır Arts Center (2004, 2008); Kars Arts Center (2007); Fototrek, İstanbul (2009); Amed Arts Gallery, Diyarbakır (2016); Up State Gallery, Zurich (2016); Hinterland
Galerie, Vienna (2017); Depo, İstanbul (2007, 2020) and Photobastei, Zurich (2021) among others. His photos and photoessays were published in various magazines including Magma, Panorama and Zaker. In 2011, his work 'Mazxana' about daily life in the slums of Diyarbakır and in 2022 his work 'Hewraman' about the Gorran Kurds were published as books. He currently lives and Works in Diyarbakır.

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